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Cala Egos

Avenida Sa Marina 43, Cala Egos.

Cala d´Or

Avenida Calonge nº: 13-9, Cala d´Or.

Family and General Medicine in cala d'Or

At European Medical Centre

We offer family & general medicine, emergencies, trauma, pediatrics, urological, dermatological & gastrointestinal services. We offer 24 hour medical services.

Family Medicine: Some common areas of focus in general medicine include

General medicine focuses on primary healthcare and addresses a wide range of medical issues, both acute and chronic. General practitioners are the first to diagnose and treat medical conditions, provide preventive care, conduct routine health check-ups, manage chronic illnesses, and refer to specialists when necessary.

Routine Healthcare and Health Check-ups

General medicine practitioners provide routine healthcare services, including regular health check-ups, to monitor a patient's overall health and detect any potential issues early on. These check-ups may include vital sign assessments, blood tests, and discussions about lifestyle and health habits

Treatment of Acute Illnesses

General medicine doctors are skilled in diagnosing and treating acute medical conditions, such as respiratory infections (e.g., colds, flu) and gastrointestinal infections (e.g., food poisoning). They offer prompt medical attention to relieve symptoms and aid in a swift recovery

Management of Chronic Conditions

Patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), and arthritis receive comprehensive care from general medicine practitioners. This involves ongoing monitoring, medication management, and lifestyle recommendations to control and improve these conditions

Mental Healthcare

General practitioners address mental health concerns, providing support and treatment for conditions like depression and anxiety. They may offer therapy, counseling, or medication, and, if necessary, make referrals to mental health specialists in cala d'Or

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Women's Health

General medicine practitioners also cater to women's healthcare needs, offering gynecological exams and prenatal care for expectant mothers. These services ensure the well-being of women throughout different life stages, from adolescence to pregnancy and beyond

Child and Pediatric Healthcare

General medicine doctors are equipped to care for children's health, from infancy through adolescence. They provide pediatric check-ups, immunizations, and treatment for common childhood illnesses

Elderly Patient Care

For older adults, general practitioners offer specialized care tailored to the unique healthcare needs of seniors. This may involve managing chronic conditions associated with aging, addressing mobility issues, and promoting a high quality of life in later years

Health Prevention and Promotion:

General medicine practitioners play a pivotal role in health prevention and promotion. They educate patients about healthy living, disease prevention, and the importance of regular check-ups. They also provide vaccinations, advise on diet and exercise, and offer strategies for maintaining overall well-being

We offer family & general medicine, emergencies, trauma, pediatrics, urological, dermatological & gastrointestinal services. We offer 24 hour medical services.

Comprehensive healthcare for all ages

Ongoing medical care for your family

Prevent, treat, and promote health

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