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Welcome to European Medical Centre

At European medical centre we offer family & general medicine, emergencies, trauma, pediatrics, urological, dermatological & gastrointestinal services. We offer 24 hour medical services.we also provide  services like  visiting your at home, hotel or your work premises, any time day or night, weekdays, weekend.

Our Doctors are fully trained and registered in Spain and share over 15 years experience of clinical practice.

Our physicians, nurse practitioners and staff provide high-quality preventative and primary health care to keep our patients healthy, and our dedicated administrative team provide a full follow-up for each and every visit ensuring you receive the best possible healthcare service.

We have created an experienced tailored to the needs of our patients and offer same day appointments.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, friendly and provide the very latest in medical care. Communication is vital, this is why our friendly staff are fluent in English, Spanish,German,Netherlands,Russian

If you require a hospital admission, the practice is associated with the very best specialists and private hospitals in Palma and can facilitate this swiftly and easily on your behalf.

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24 hour medical services

Our Doctors are on call 24 hours a day

Urgent & Primary care Services:

If you need continuing medical management of the following:

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Prostate related problems

  • Elevated cholesterol

  • Other medical conditions

Same day appointments

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Other Services

General & family medicine

Comprehensive care for acute & chronic illnesses

Care for minor emergency such as lacerations, wounds, sprains, insect stings, strain, minor outpatient surgery, cyst removal, and ingrown toenail surgery.

Cryotherapy ( freezing) – warts removal

Minor orthopedics – casts & splints

Cardiovascular screning and evaluation including risk factor analysis, lipid evaluation and ECG


Ear syringing

Allergy shot

Pregnancy test

Gastrointestinal disorder

Vascular Doppler

Blood & Urine test – including Urine Culture & Urinalyses, throat cultures, haemoglobin test, blood glucose test, pregnancy tests, stool occult blood test ( Cholesterol and lipid. )

Dental services

Home & Hotel visits

Ambulance Service

Fitness to drive

Paediatrics servies

Podiatry services

Skin problems

Adult Paediatric ENT related problems – ear/ sinus infection, dizziness and hearing difficulty

Rapid diagnostic tests

Results within 5-10 minuts

Pediatric services

European Medical centre offer comprehensive care for your children and are happy to welcome our younger patients. We are passionate about providing focused healthcare for children.

Our practices offer child friendly books and toys in our clean waiting rooms.

If you are worried about an aspect of your childs health, please contact us.


We recognise all medical insurers and accept medical insurance from private, travel, and occupational insurers. Discounts can be offered to patients holding an EU health card.

If you would prefer us to bill your insurance company directly, please complete the following steps:

  • Contact your insurance company prior your visit, or alternatively we contact them on your behalf

  • Inform them of your medical problems

  • They will provide you with a unique reference number

  • Complete the relevant forms from our website , save and email to our administrative staff at admin@europeanmedicalcentre.com

  • When attending your appointment, ensure you bring all relevant insurance paper work

  • Alternatively in case of emergency, we are happy to accept payment at the clinic, and provide all the relative paperwork to provide your insurance company for reimbursement.