Cala Egos

Avenida Sa Marina 43, Cala Egos.

Cala d´Or

Avenida Calonge nº: 13-9, Cala d´Or.

Find Your Private Medical Clinic in Cala d'Or: European Medical Centre

If you’re searching for a private medical clinic near me in Cala d’Or, European Medical Centre offers a welcoming and professional environment for all your health care needs. We are committed to providing exceptional and personalized service, ensuring each patient receives the highest quality medical care. With a focus on personalized medicine, we are the ideal choice for those seeking a private medical check near me.

Private Medical Services in Cala d’Or

At European Medical Centre, we understand the importance of having convenient and reliable health services. That’s why we offer a wide range of medical services in one location, making it easy for Cala d’Or residents and visitors to access exceptional health care without traveling far.

Private Medical Check Near Me

Our center specializes in providing private medical checks near me. Whether you need a routine examination or a consultation for a specific condition, our doctors are here to assist you with a personalized approach. We use advanced technology and the latest medical practices to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

Private Medical Practice Near Me

European Medical Centre is not only known for its high-quality checks and treatments but also for its warm atmosphere and patient-centered approach. Our private medical practice near me in Cala d’Or is designed to make you feel safe and cared for during every visit. Our health care professionals are committed to excellence and continuously work to improve and expand our services.

Why Choose European Medical Centre?

  • Accessibility: Located in the heart of Cala d’Or, we are easily accessible to all residents and visitors to the area.
  • Personalization: Each patient receives customized care tailored to their specific needs.
  • Professionalism: We have a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors across various specialties.
  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest technologies and equipment to ensure the best outcomes for all treatments and diagnostics.


European Medical Centre is your private medical clinic near me in Cala d’Or committed to providing the best possible medical care. Whether you’re looking for a private medical check near me or need specialized care, our center is equipped to meet all your health needs in a professional and welcoming environment. Visit us today and experience the medical care you deserve.

We provide antígen nasal & saliva test results in 15 mins & we also provide PCR test with results 2-24 hours.
In case you test positive we will pass your details to the health authorities & after 11 days we will send you the Covid-19 EU recovery certificate.

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Avenida Sa Marina 43, Cala Egos.

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Avenida Calonge nº: 13 Tienda 9,  Cala d’Or .